Welcome to the 
New Smyrna Beach 
Meditation and Healing Center!

Discover the power of pranic healing, and unlock the natural energy levels of your mind and body! 

We all have a healing superpower!

Do you - or someone close to you - suffer from illness, pain, stress, anxiety or worry?

With Pranic Healing, you can learn to heal yourself and others ... physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Meet Dr Valerie

Dr Valerie is a medical physician and surgeon specializing in Dermatology and has been practicing in New Smyrna Beach since 1988.

She is also a certified Pranic Psychotherapist instructor for Pranic Healing, and is passionate about teaching her patients to understand and manage their healing journey through Pranic Healing techniques. She is the owner of Pranic Healing New Smyrna Beach, and runs weekly meditations as well as regular events and courses.

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