Healing yourself is connected with healing others

Anyone can learn the power of Pranic Healing and the basic principles can be learned in just a few sessions.

Do you, or someone close to you, suffer from illness, stress, pain or anxiety and worry? 

Are you looking for a new purpose and development in your life? 

Pranic Healing is an easy-to-learn technique that
can bring you - and those around you - instant
relief and healing.
It has been has been proven
to reduce stress,
induce a state of inner
peace, and calm the central nervous system. 

The beauty of Pranic Healing is that it can be
learned by anyone! It is easier than learning to drive!

join us every tuesday

Courses are taught by Dr Valerie,
a medical physician and surgeon specializing in Dermatology and has been practicing in New Smyrna Beach since 1988.

She is also a certified Pranic Psychotherapist
instructor for Pranic Healing,
and is passionate about teaching her patients to understand and manage their healing journey through Pranic Healing techniques.

Crystal Healing Course

Join us on October 26 - 27th​, to discover how to incorporate Crystal Healing into your Pranic Healing toolbox!

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