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Healing is Meditation in Motion

By increasing the natural energy of the body, healing of the mind, body and spirit is accelerated.

The body has all it needs to heal itself.

When you are filled with soul energy, 

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Master Choi Kok Sui (1952-2007)  is the founder of Pranic Healing, and today there are hundreds of Pranic Healing Centers all over the world.

He wrote numerous books on Pranic Healing, and his teachings have been taught and practiced all over the world.

Pranic Healing is a form of energy work that uses a combination of ancient healing techniques such as meditation, visualization, and breathing techniques to channel the healing energy into the affected areas of the body. 

Master Choa taught that rapid healing is brought about by increasing the life energy or pranic energy level of the affected part or the whole body. The simple techniques of Pranic Healing can be learned by anyone!

Scientist and Teacher

Master Choa conceived a comprehensive method designed to cleanse and energize the energy system which permeates the physical body, thereby accelerating the rate at which the body can heal itself.  Through his research and experiments, Master Choa demonstrated that energy is an important factor in healing the physical as well as the psychological. 

Master Choa’s background as a chemical engineer led him to carefully develop tested and reliable techniques which encompass this modality. Through extensive research, experimentation and validation he cultivated the science and art of Pranic Healing, which offers the ideal balance of science and spirituality for holistic health and success.   

Founder of Ahartic Yoga

For those seeking to be on the spiritual path, Master Choa developed a system of non-sectarian practices that leads to greater soul (or self) realization known as Arhatic Yoga. This fantastic series of various yogic practices from many traditions use ancient technology in original and creative combinations to activate and align the chakras and to awaken the “kundalini energy” or the sacred fire.


Though Master Choa Kok Sui often said he was not born a healer, he became through his constant research and love for humanity, a true Master of Energy. In all five continents, Master Choa offered his time around class time to heal attendees and their loved ones. Many were healed instantly from chronic ailments - both physical and psychological. The degree of proficiency achieved during his lifetime is remarkable and an inspiration to all who are interested in the healing arts.

The  Philanthropist

Master Choa was born in a wealthy family, yet his heart was filled with compassion and generosity for those who suffer from pain, poverty and lack of education. Through the Global Mission of Pranic Healing, Master Choa established several humanitarian projects which feed the hungry, provide help to the sick. He ensured that all the funds actually went to help those in need, instead of covering operational costs. This ingenious approach has given the opportunity for thousands of Pranic Healers around the world to partake in healing the communities they live in, thereby making the world a better place and experiencing the bliss that comes from serving others in need.

The Author

The dynamic style of Master Choa Kok Sui’s teaching is reflected in the direct, uncluttered style of his writing. On reading his books, one rapidly gains insight into the principles of life energy and their modern day applications such as in healing body, keeping good health, maintaining emotional balance, keeping mental clarity, gaining spiritual growth and living an abundant life. By re-discovering many ancient esoteric “secrets” and understanding their daily applications in life, practitioners find themselves enjoying life more fully with less stress and greater fulfillment. He wrote and published 20 books translated into over 27 languages covering topics that include healing, spirituality and psychic self-defense. 

It increases the rate of healing by up to three times!

A powerful complement to any allopathic healing journey.

A healer in every family

Your family's first step in health and wellness!

Just some of the benefits of Pranic Healing include

  • It can help parents bring down the temperature of their children suffering from high fever in just a few hours and heal it in a day or two in most cases.
  • It can relieve headaches, gas pains, toothaches, and muscle pains almost immediately in most cases.
  • Coughs and colds can usually be cured in a day or two. 
  • Loose bowel movements can be healed in a few hours in most cases.
  • Major illnesses such as eye, liver, kidney, and heart problems can be relieved in a few sessions and healed in a few months in many cases.
  • It increases the rate of healing by three times more than the normal rate of healing.