Healing for Mind, Body and Soul

Simple, effective, powerful - a 'no-touch' energy healing technique that benefits all who experience it.

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Healing from the inside out.

What affects the energy body will eventually affect the emotional, mental and physical body. When the energy body is healed, then balance and harmony is restored.

Combining medical and surgical interventions with the power of Pranic Healing. 

Dr Valerie is a Certified Pranic Healer and a trainer for the Basic, Advanced, and Psychotherapy workshops, and has practiced Arhatic Yoga since 2007. 

Valerie founded the Center for Pranic Healing Southeast in 2009 in New Smyrna Beach, FL. The Center was renamed as the Center for Pranic Healing and Holistic Medicine and expanded into a new building in 2013. 

Dr Valerie has practiced medical and surgical Dermatology for over 25 years, and integrates Pranic Healing into her medical practice with her patients. 

Her passion is to globally integrate Pranic  Healing into the practice of medicine.

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The best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones

There are a variety of Healing Protocols to support you wherever you are in your healing journey. Healings can be in-person at our centre, but work just as effectively remotely.

Healing from Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Visit us in our centre for an in-person healing session. Your healer will choose the appropriate protocol for the situation you are facing,  to support your healing from stress, anxiety and depression.

Remote Healing

One of the most powerful forms of energy healing for remote or distant work.  Pranic Healing works even if you are not in the same place as your healer, which means you can receive healing in the comfort of oyur own home.

Anti Aging / Facial Pranic Session

An exceptionally focused and beautiful process of healing targeted at anti-aging of the face and body. 

Relationship healing

Relationships come under such stress and pressure in this day and age.  Pranic Healing can be focused at healing relationships with your significant other, children and extended family members.

Pain, Illness and Surgical Recovery.

Pranic Healing is exceptionally effective in supporting the recovery process after an operation or procedure, and is used to support conventional treatment in alleviating pain and illness.

Healing for a Loved One

You can request healing support for a loved one. All we need is their name, and where they live.

Pranic Healing Sessions cost $125 for your first session, and $95 thereafter. Sessions can be held in person at our healing center, or remotely.


Crystal Healing Course

Join us on October 26 - 27th​, to discover how to incorporate Crystal Healing into your Pranic Healing toolbox!

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